Chicago Cubs star player creates two endowed funds at Children’s Hospital

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Some professional athletes spend their money on luxury homes, cars, and vacations, but the Chicago Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo thought of something better.  Rizzo announced a $3.5 million commitment to create two endowed funds at a children’s hospital in Chicago.  One fund will provide grants on a case-by-case basis for families facing financial hardship due to unexpected needs resulting from a child’s treatment for cancer.  The other fund will provide ongoing support for two oncology Child Life specialists.

Over 300 newly diagnosed patients with a wide range of childhood cancers are treated every year at Lurie Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Because Rizzo’s gift is being made in the form of endowments, these resources will be available for patients and families for generations to come.  The 18th floor waiting room will now be named the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation Waiting Room.

Rizzo visits the Chicago hospital every month to inspire patients battling cancer with his motto, “Stay Strong, Dream Big.”  “As a survivor of cancer myself, I know the emotional and financial strain the diagnosis of cancer can put on a family,” Rizzo said in announcing the multi-million dollar donation.  With regard to the first endowed fund, he explained, “I believe that an individual does not battle cancer alone -- his or her entire family does. That's why we’ve designated this money to go directly to help families on the front lines.”  The second endowed fund, for Child Life specialists, is part of an innovative program aimed at reducing anxiety and normalizing the hospital experience for both patients and families.


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Sportsmanship Can Change the World

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We all know that sports events can get pretty heated.  Entire streets, cities, states, and nations emotionally rally behind their team.  In larger events, such as the Olympics or the World Cup, people view their teams with extreme hope and pride - as a way to place their homeland on the map.  It is almost as if the team is an extension of the individual's own family.

PR Smith makes the case that good sportsmanship can change the world.  He describes this in his popular website, his book "Great Moments of Sportsmanship & Extraordinary Sports People", and in his TEDx Talk.

People, youth especially, really look up to their sports heroes.  Imagine the impact that a sports hero can have on a young individual. 

After most sporting events, the competing teams shake hands to the other side.  Why?  Because there is a mutual respect for the other side who went through the same rigorous training to get to this very moment.  Also because the millions of people watching really look up to the teams and will mimic their behavior.

PR Smith describes Kerry vs Dublin, the All Ireland Final.  Dublin hadn't won it in 16 years.  Stephen Cluxton the Dublin goalkeeper kicked the winning goal to win the san mguire cup. Tomás Ó’Sé, a young Kerry player, fetched the game winning ball and handed it to Cluxton. Wow, what a show of sportsmanship.

In PR Smith's TED Talk he mentions how North Korea & South Korea are supposed to be arch enemies at war, but they played a game of table tennis together and shook hands at the 2012 Olympics.  Wow, two nations at war shaking hands and smiling!  Just think about what this could do for the citizens of both countries.  This example of sportsmanship can definitely change the world!

North Korea and South Korea shake hands after a table tennis match in the 2012 Olympics

So now, PR Smith and his team are helping spread these great examples of sportsmanship.  He will be in Chicago in July of 2013 and will be giving a presentation about sportsmanship (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info).  Their team also works with schools and clubs to inspire them with great sportsmanship stories.

We at Good World News are looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories from!

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