Germany soccer star shows support to the host country Brazil

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Germany soccer midfielder Mesut Ozil truly appreciated host nation Brazil’s hospitality throughout the world tournament.  He enjoyed and appreciated it so much so, that he has announced that he will sponsor sugeries of 23 Brazilian children, one for every member of his World Cup winning Germany team.  Sports in so many ways are truly more then just a game, and Ozil has proved the impact that these special athletes can have on everyone.    


On his Facebook page he wrote –

"Dear fans,
Prior to the #WorldCup I supported the surgery of eleven sick children. Since the victory of the #WorldCup is not only due to eleven players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23. This is my personal thank-you for the hospitality of the people of Brazil."

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8 year old with cancer plays soccer with the pros

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The Make-A-Wish foundation truly does some amazing things to make kids dreams come true. 8 year-old Atticus Lane-Dupree learned he had cancer last year, but that didn't deter him from playing the game he loves.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation organized a soccer game between a team of 8-year-olds, and the MLS Portland Timbers.

Not only did Atticus Lane-Dupre's team beat the Timbers, but he scored 4 goals! The video is amazing as 3,000 fans cheered the kids on.

We at Good World News wish Atticus well in his fight against cancer, and also keep your dreams alive maybe one day we will be watching him as well on the Timbers!

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David Beckham surprises fans at London mall photo booth

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OK now this video is awesome.  Imagine crowding in a little mall photo booth with your friends and family taking silly photos when your favorite athlete walks in to to take pictures with you!! 

This is exactly what happened at a mall in London this past week.  60 fans in the Adidas photo booth were taking goofy photos when David Beckham made a surprise appearance and started taking pictures with them!

Haha you just have to smile when you see the look on their faces.

Check out this wonderful video:


Great photo:

Great times at the Olympic Games in London!!!


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