11 yr old tennis player from Liberia gets chance to train in Spain

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Some say "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity".  This is definitely the case for 11 year old Alfred Saah Kandakai from Liberia.  The young man played a tennis match against Mr. Tani Hanna, the Chairman of Games World International in Liberia. 

Mr. Hanna was surprised at how skillful Saah played for his age and decided to give him an opportunity of a lifetime.  He is sending Saah to Barcelona, Spain to train for three weeks at Sanchez Casal one of the most famous tennis academy's in the world.  What an opportunity!

Mrs. Anna Bsaibes, a shareholder at the hotel where the lucky match occurred, gave the following statement to frontpageafrica: "We are going to develop this young and talented tennis star’s skills at one of the World best tennis academy in Sanshall Casal in Barcelona where such greats star like Roger Federal, Rafael Nadah and Andy Murray attended".

How did Saah get so good at tennis?  He accredits that to his father, his present coach, who started a refugee's tennis academy in 2006. 


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The Philippines send peacekeepers to Liberia

Although on opposite sides of the world and 8 hours time difference, The Philippines and Liberia are finding a way to come together.  Liberia is still slowly recovering from a civil war that claimed the lives of over 250,000 Liberians.  The UN established a peacekeeping mission in 2003 to ensure Liberia continues to improve.

The Philippines has recently deployed 115 individuals as part of a UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia.  The 16th Philippine Contingent consists of 107 enlisted personnel, 1 medic, and 7 officers.

It is beautiful to see nations from around the world helping each other.  We are in a large ecosystem all interconnected.  Both of these nations hold a special place in my heart because of family in each location.  Thank you Philippines for helping out in Liberia!


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Hope and optimism evident in Liberia

Liberia is a beautiful country on the coast of West Africa.  Recently, this country has made vast improvements since the civil war tore apart the nation several years ago.  CNN's Brenda Bush had a segment on CNN Newsroom about how the country is improving.  It really is an interesting interview which holds a special place in my heart not only because it is good news, but also because my family is from Liberia.

In 2011, I had the privilege of going back to Liberia to visit family and friends.  I too saw evidence of improvements in this beautiful land.  This improvement cannot happen overnight, but slowly the world will see Liberia become the wonderful paradise that it once was.  More to follow on my adventures in Liberia!

Be sure to check out the interview at CNN's Newsroom:



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