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Triangle InfoSeCon and BSides RDU Close Out Cybersecurity Awareness Month in NC

The Research Triangle Park (RTP) located in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina is home to number of tech companies and a growing cybersecurity community. This location closed out the October cybersecurity awareness month with a bang! Two conferences back to back with a goal to educate the community.

First, BSides RDU was held on October 19th at the historic Carolina Theatre in Durham and featured a fantastic line-up of speakers, hacker jeopardy, Capture the Flag (CTF), Lockpick Village, Vintage Tech Museum, and more.  This year, BSides RDU was able to make the event FREE to all attendees which undoubtably expanded the outreach to the community.  It was a special event that provided education for individuals from beginning to advanced cybersecurity skill levels.  The event was live streamed and all talks can be found on the BSides RDU YouTube channel.

Triangle InfoSeCon is the largest security conference in North Carolina with over 1,600 attendees.  The event was held on October 26th at the Raleigh Convention Center and is organized every year by the Raleigh ISSA Chapter.  It was an action-packed event with two keynotes and eight speaker tracks.  In addition to speakers, the event had a hacking tournament, lockpick village, and after-dark educational events.

These two wonderful conferences are going strong in a growing security community.  They have created a positive learning environment and are amazing educational events in North Carolina. Well done!


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Hackers Donate $15K for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has pummeled Puerto Rico over the past week, knocking out power for the entire island. The island’s calls for help have been answered by an unlikely source…hackers. Several data security companies and hacker conferences have started collecting money and supplies for Puerto Rico. These are the good hackers, and an ideal source to help with getting communication lines and Internet connectivity to those in need.

So far they have collected $15,000 and are sending emergency equipment, radios, laptops, phones, and more! Some of the great organizations that are helping include: Derbycon, Shmoocon, Hushcon, BSidesRaleigh, Nolacon, BSidesDE, Phantom Rescue, Hackers for Charity, BSidesPR, and BSidesLV!

Thank you hackers and the security community!!


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Rescued elephant and dog become best friends

You know what they always say - Dogs are an elephant's best friend :)...I think that's what they say.  Anyway, Bubbles (the elephant) and Bella (a black lab) became close friends when they were both young.  As they grew (especially Bubbles), their friendship grew even larger. 

They enjoy playing catch and the two of them have a mutual love for the water!  These animals are part of the Rare Species Fund in Southern California, a wildlife conservation effort.



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Dairy Queen employee goes above and beyond for blind customer

Joey Prusak is still shocked after witnessing someone steal cash from a blind man in the Dairy Queen store he manages.  When the blind man took out his wallet to pay, a $20 bill slipped out of his pocket. A woman behind the blind man quickly snatched the bill off the floor and put it into her purse.


Prusak took matters into his own hands.  He asked her to please return the $20 bill to the gentleman. She denied taking the money, became disorderly and began cursing at Prusak, who remained both firm and polite.  She then stormed out.


But it’s what the 19-year-old manager did next that stunned customers who saw the incident as they waited in line.  Prusak gave the customer who dropped his money 20 bucks of his own.


His story has now gone viral over the internet and all over social media, but Joey Prusak will tell you he was just doing his job.


The story gets even better - Warren Buffett heard about Joey's kind act and gave him a call!  "He called and thanked me for being a role model for all the other employees and people in general," Joey said.


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