The Buddy Bench Brings Friends Together

A simple idea to combat loneliness on the school playground – the buddy bench!  Christian, a first grader, saw a picture of a pretty bench, had an idea, and approached his principal.  He knew that some kids looked like they were lonely at recess, and he thought that a bench, labeled as a “buddy bench,” might encourage friendships.  His principal liked the idea, came up with the funds from the school budget, and soon the elementary school playground had a new addition.

The local newspaper picked up the story, then the Huffington Post and NBC, and the buddy bench movement spread across the country.  Students from all over the country have written to Christian, excited about his idea, and motivated to try and get buddy benches on their own playgrounds.

How about let’s all spread the message of friendship, inclusion, and kindness in our own neighborhoods!





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Rescued elephant and dog become best friends

You know what they always say - Dogs are an elephant's best friend :)...I think that's what they say.  Anyway, Bubbles (the elephant) and Bella (a black lab) became close friends when they were both young.  As they grew (especially Bubbles), their friendship grew even larger. 

They enjoy playing catch and the two of them have a mutual love for the water!  These animals are part of the Rare Species Fund in Southern California, a wildlife conservation effort.



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Friends form flash mob for cancer patient

Eileen McGuirk was battling cancer and didn't feel well enough to host visitors inside the hospital.  Her friends thought of a way that they could all give her a "pick me up" without going into the hospital….a flash mob outside her window :)

It was all Eileen's husband's idea.  He originally asked a few friends, but the idea spread and 200 people showed up!

They danced for her and formed a heart.  They also passed a phone around so they could talk with her while the "mob" performed. 

“We kind of moved the phone around the crowd and let know.. say ‘hi Eileen’ and ‘we love you,’” said Eileen’s co-worker, Jennifer Mscisz.

Friends and family can make all the difference!

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