11 Year old starts “Books N Bros” book club

Sidney Keys, an 11-year old African-American, noticed that his St. Louis school library had very few books about kids like himself.  So he started Books n Bros, a book club for 8- to 12-year-olds who get together and read African-American literature.  Sidney also wanted to improve literacy among his peers, as he saw many of them stop reading by age 8 or 10.


There’s a St. Louis-area bookstore that focuses on African-American culture, and they’ve been a big help with suggested readings.  After seven months Sidney’s club has over 30 members who get together once a month to read out loud and discuss what they are reading.


Sidney’s mom has seen a real difference in her son.  “He's more confident,” she said. “He speaks up for himself more.  He's a different kind of kid than he was before the book club.”  Sidney's school has decided to diversify the literature on its bookshelves.  And Sidney explained, “What makes me really happy is seeing all the happy faces of all my members – so happy about reading.”


How about encouraging other young school children to start book clubs based on shared interests, whether those are cultural or sports related or whatever!  Parents can provide snacks for meetings, school librarians can help pick out books, and perhaps a local business would be willing to donate a set of paperbacks for the club members.


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NC State set to launch futuristic library in 2013

On January 2nd, 2013, NC State will open the library of the future - The James B. Hunt Jr. Library.

How many times have you been in a library and could not find the book you were looking for?  Well the James B. Hunt Jr. Library has a robot for you!  The bookBot automated book delivery system is a new addition to this beautiful library.  A student will be able to request a book and minutes later a robot will deliver it to a book station. How cool is that?!  The new bookBot system will enable the library to store 9 times the amount of books it normally could.

Space is also an enhancement in the library.  Currently the campus libraries can only seat 5% of the student population.  The new library will be able to seat 20% of the students comfortably and still have room for snacks, drinks, and games :)

Looking down from the 2nd floor

Technology is also a plus.  There will be plenty of touch screen devices, wireless coverage throughout the library, and easy to access power for any device.  For the teams of students, the library will feature video-conferencing, collaborative projection, whiteboards, and video walls.  The library also boasts "technology-enabled furniture"…whatever that means :)  We will just have to see ourselves.

This brand new library is the talk of the lovely campus in Raleigh, NC.  We are all looking forward to checking it out in 2013!!


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