Student earns a bachelor’s degree before receiving her high school diploma!

Raven Osborne is the first student in the history of Indiana to earn a bachelor’s degree before receiving her high school diploma!   A week before she gets her diploma in May, she’ll be graduating from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in early childhood education.


Raven is a senior at 21st Century Charter School in Gary, Indiana, and has been taking college classes since she was 14.  The charter school pays college tuition for students who earn admission to partner colleges while still in high school.  Most students are able to receive credit for a few college courses while in high school, but Raven accomplished a whole bachelor’s degree of college credits.  Each semester, she took five classes, or 15 hours, at Purdue, while simultaneously taking classes at the charter school.


Raven never told any of the college students she met at Purdue that she also was a high school student. She doesn't drive so her mother and the charter school took her back and forth to university.  “It was very hard,” she said.  “At one point, I also tried to work a job.  I was working a midnight shift at a day care center.  I just had to watch the children while they were sleeping, then feed them breakfast when they woke up.  It was a daycare for parents who worked a night shift.  Eventually it just got to be too stressful, and I had to resign.”


Kevin Teasley, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based GEO Foundation, which runs 21st Century Charter School, explained: “Frankly, we’re breaking the cycle of poverty.  That’s what it’s really all about.”   The charter school pays the college tuition for the high school kids, so Raven is receiving her college degree unburdened by student loans.  She already has a job lined up for after graduation as she has been hired to work at 21st Century’s elementary school as an early interventionist.


What if most (or even all!) high schools were able to give this opportunity to their students.  All students can achieve beyond expectations if they’re given opportunities, guidance, encouragement, and assistance.  School districts have to decide priorities and how they can have the maximum impact on our children.


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Unemployed teen gets generous offer from restaurant owner

Jhaqueil Reagan, an unemployed 18 year old, was walking outside in the freezing cold to a job interview in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He saw Art Bouvier, who was spreading salt on the iced pathway in front of his Cajun restaurant, Papa Roux, and asked him how far it was to his destination.  Art said it was about seven miles and he should definitely take the bus.  Jhaqueil said "thank you" and continued walking.

Later on, Art was driving with his wife and they saw Jhaqueil still walking on the long journey to his interview.  Art stopped the car and told Jhaqueil that he would drive him. 

Jhaqueil told the couple that he was on the way to an interview at a thrift shop and that he could not afford the bus ride.  He said his mother passed away and he was left to take care of his two younger siblings.

After hearing the story and understanding Jhaqueil's work ethic, Art offered him a job at his restaurant and said he would double the kid's salary if he gets the thrift shop job!

"My heart’s just racing right now. I’m just too excited, just excited to start.", Jhaqueil says.

Art posted the story on his Facebook page and the story went viral with over 15,000 likes!!  The local public transportation company, IndyGo, saw the story and gave Jhaqueil a free one-year pass!!

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