Missing bag of $36,000 cash returned to owner

An unnamed woman in Florida found $36,000 of cash on the golf course that she worked at.  Wooah, $36,000 cash?!  She discovered the ID card of the 76 year old man who misplaced the money and promptly returned it to the owner.

"Easy money is not good money, you know?", the woman stated in an interview.

And that's what's good,



Cutest endangered sea turtle rescued

OK, be honest - have you ever seen something so adorable? :)  Maybe you have, but you have to admit that this little guy is pretty cute.

This rare white sea turtle was discovered in Smyrna Beach, Fla.  He was too weak to keep up with his siblings that swam off, but thankfully the Marine Science Center in Volusia County, FL was able to rehabilitate him.  They helped him gain strength and grow his big boy shell and now they are releasing him back into the ocean.  The Marine Science Center has rescued thousands of sea turtles.

Keep up the good work!


Peace & Love,


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