14 Year Old Cheers Up the Elderly With Letters

14-year old Jacob Cramer wants to cheer up lonely elderly people and he’s chosen an old-fashioned way of doing it. He is writing letters.

Since July 2013, Jacob has recruited friends, and even organizations, to help compose personal letters for delivery to senior centers. So far, strangers have reached out in friendship from all over the world; some close to the Cleveland suburbs where the effort began and some as far away as Europe and Asia. Spain, Scotland, England, India... you name it! Cramer has received letters from all over the world! The feedback he has received from the senior centers and assisted living facilities is even more astounding.

"I absolutely LOVE what you are doing to bring joy to the elderly! Thank you... for doing such a wonderful thing." ~Ruth Lavery, (Founder of Engaging Seniors)

The enthusiastic response for his nonprofit group, Love For The Elderly, inspired him to launch a website and social media campaign to spur more letter writing. His Twitter account already has over 1,000 followers, and he has been written about in several blogs and newspapers, including Kara's Comments, Kindness Blog, Caged No More, CaregiversforHome Blog, and now on Good News Network!

”So many elderly citizens in our nation have no one to care for them, no one to look after them, no one to love them,” says Jacob. “I am here to change that.”

To help out, you can send a letter or card to the postal address below. They also have an online submission form. (Use this when writing from another country). If mailing your own personal card or letter, please make your handwriting legible so the seniors can read it. Typing is a good option too.
Send to:
Love For The Elderly
42 Pepper Creek Dr.
Pepper Pike, OH 44124

(LEARN more at lovefortheelderly.org)


11 year old gives wheelchairs to those in need

More than 300 people in developing countries who were in need of wheelchairs have all received them thanks to the efforts of one 11-year-old boy from Utah.  11-year-old Zack Francom proud owner of Zack’s Shack lemonade stand got the idea in 2010 when his school had a fundraiser to help get wheelchairs for a Morman church charity. 

"I thought, 'What if I couldn't walk or run or ride my bike? What would that be like?' " he says. "I wanted to help make life easier for somebody who couldn't walk or run and didn't have money for a wheelchair to help them get around." 

Recently, Zack sold 80 quarts of lemonade and 350 dozen cookies baked by his mom, which earned him $5,300, which bought him 37 wheelchairs that he shipped to Guatemala, Guam and 53 other countries. 


"Imagine if there were hundreds of Zack's Shacks," he says. "Nobody who needs a wheelchair should have to go without one just because they can't afford it." 

 Thank you Zack for all you have done!!!!


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Make-A-Wish helps 8 year old becomes NFL Coach for a day

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Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers asked for his coaches autograph after practice on August 6th.  Coach Jack Bolton got the chance to be the Carolina Panthers honorary coach for the day.  I forgot to mention…Coach Jack Bolton is only 8-years-old! 


Jack Bolton has spinal muscular atrophy, but that’s never deterred him from having the dream to be an NFL coach.  On this day, through the Make-A-Wish foundation, Coach Jack finally got his opportunity to be on the sidelines of an NFL team. 



Steve Smith, the Panthers wide receiver even went over to the 8-year-old coach and asked him if he could get the quarterbacks to throw more passes his way!   The star coach even had a touching speech that he read to the team before practice started.  He let the team know that he’d be “looking for mistakes when I’m on the field watching you guys”! 


Hopefully the Panthers listen to Coach Bolton’s advice and use it towards winning some games this year!



Have a great day, and let the good news be yours,

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