Caring 4 Cars repairs vehicles for those in need

A car mechanic's bill can be incredibly expensive and devastating for someone that does not have the funds to cover the costs.  Fortunately, there are wonderful people in this world that are helping individuals that fall into these situations.

Meet Grant Magrath, a self taught mechanic in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He knows very well how it feels to be in this situation.

"When the kids were toddlers, the head gasket blew on my old Ford Telstar. I had no money to spare, so I bought a workshop manual and fixed it myself.", Magrath said.

Years later, when he heard a story about a struggling young couple who had to borrow money from a loan shark to pay for their vehicle repair bill, it weighed heavy on his heart.

Grant Magrath stated, "I got quite upset. That's money that their children won't have for school, clothes, toys."

That is when Grant decided to gather a group of mechanics together and form "Caring 4 Cars".  This organization collects funds and gathers volunteer mechanics to help fix vehicles for individuals that have difficulty paying for repairs.  The charitable organization also provides an opportunity for people to learn how to repair cars and help others in need.  They created a Facebook page to spread the word:

Way to go Grant and Caring 4 Cars!!!  Keep up the wonderful work :)


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Mark Bustos gives free haircuts to the homeless

Mark Bustos makes a pretty penny cutting and styling the hair of real estate moguls and fashion designers in NYC, but he truly enjoys hitting the streets of New York giving out free haircuts.  Bustos typically gives haircuts to homeless men and women around the city, but also just gives haircuts to strangers in need not knowing about their situations. 

Bustos was visiting family in the Philippines when he got the idea of hosting an event to give free haircuts to children in need in 2012.  “It made such a strong positive impact on me that I decided to bring it back home to NYC,” said Bustos.  "I approach individuals on the street or parks and tell them the purpose of what I do," he says. "Cutting their hair becomes a lot like a therapy session and not just a haircut." 

Mark Bustos does it again with a great haircut - Image credit:


Bustos enjoys getting to know these individuals and hearing their stories.  A few have even asked him if they knew anyone that was hiring for jobs.  They said after they received their haircut they feel more confident than they have in years.  Another individual was planning on seeing his daughter that evening and he called Bustos an “Angel” for cleaning him up.