96 yr old man makes touching billboard hit song for late wife

"Oh sweet Lorraine," the song begins. "I wish we could do all the good times over again."

Fred Stobaugh, from Peoria, Ill., wrote lyrics to what he called "Oh Sweet Lorraine" after his 91-year-old wife passed away last April.   In 1938 the couple met and fell in love at an A&W stand and were then married for 73 years.

"After she passed away, I was just setting in the front room one evening by myself," Fred says of when he wrote the song. "It just come right to me almost, I just kept humming it ... it seemed like it just fit her."  Stobaugh, who's not a musician, entered the lyrics into a singer-songwriter contest at Illinois' Green Shoes Studios.  His entry was like no other, said Green Shoe's Jacob Colgan. Instead of a YouTube video link, Stobaugh sent a large manila envelop with the lyrics written in a letter.  "I started to read the lyrics and was so touched by the song and without even meeting Fred we thought, we're going to do something," Colgan said.  With Stobaugh's permission, Colgan set the words to music and brought the song to life.


Fred says, "The song really helps me. It really helps me. It just seemed like she's just sort of with me. Which I know she's smiling, she's smiling down and she likes that song, I know."

The song has topped the iTunes chart at #7 and the Billboard chart at #49!



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Man builds pirate ship for his wife for their wedding

Have you ever suggested something to your significant other that was just so out of the world they couldn’t possible take you seriously!?  Well Tony Miller would always tell his Fiancee, Kaela Schenk that he dreamed of docking a pirate ship in his front yard! Then he came up with the brilliant idea that they could get married on a pirate ship in their yard! 


Tony began building his pirate ship with his fiancée’s help in hopes of having it done for their August 3rd wedding.  "It's something I've always wanted to build," Miller, 35, said. "Something really unique and big and I could tinker around with for a while. Something that would make an atmosphere to come home to that feels you're coming home to a vacation." 


It took just 3 months for Tony to build the majority of the ship with basically just the ship mast left to put on.  Thank you Tony for making all of us other men look so inferior when it comes to impressing a woman J


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Secret letter reunites love birds after 63 years

Ever since Howard Attebery, 90, set his eyes on Cynthia Riggs, 81, sixty-three years ago, he knew he was in love.  In fact he never stopped loving her all these years.

As a single man approaching 100 years of age, he decided to send her a cryptic letter that stated "I have never stopped loving you" in code.  As for his return address, he wrote the GPS coordinates.

Howard's cryptic love letter - Image Credit: CBS

Cynthia, immediately knew who wrote the message and sought out to find Howard.  When they finally reunited after all these years, Howard did not waste any time.

“I held her hand, and within the hour, I’d proposed to her,” Howard said. “I knew. And she knew.”

The two love birds wed at Martha's Vineyard.  “He’s a romantic character, and he certainly knew how to win me over.”, Cynthia said.

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