Fall in love for life - a book from a couple's 73 year marriage

Barbara "Cutie" Cooper, 94, has written a beautiful book about her 73 year marriage to her late husband Harry.  In her new book, she details steps that made her marriage a success and give advice to others both young and old.  One of her tips - never be too tired or too busy to love your significant other.

Henry and Barbara Cooper - Image Credit: www.chroniclebooks.com/

In addition to the wonderful new book, Barbara hosts a blog (www.the-ogs.com) where individuals can "Ask grandma anything" :)

And that's what's good,


The World Did Not End :)

I closed my eyes last night with a smile on my face thinking about the wonderful weekend in front of me.  I woke up on Saturday morning with a smile thinking that the world was just as beautiful in the morning as it was the night before.  It did not end yesterday as a few individuals predicted.

Yes, we all knew that the world would not end yesterday, but it's never too late to appreciate all of the incredible things in our lives.  Sure there are both ups and downs, but there are sooo many beautiful people, places, food, music, cultures, ideas, and feelings that I'm grateful and appreciative for it all. 

Go out and do something new today.  Breathe the air like it's your first time.  Love like you've never loved and do good for yourself, for others, and for the world because it's an amazingly beautiful place!


Peace & Love,


- The Good World News


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - Handwrite a letter to someone

When was the last time that you received an actual handwritten letter in the mail?  If you are like most people, then it probably has been a while.  Nowadays it is so easy to get in contact with people by email, telephone, text, twitter, facebook (eek!), that many choose not to spend the time to sit down and hand write a beautiful letter.

Now think back to the last handwritten letter that you received in the mail.  It was a great feeling, right?!  It probably brought an incredible smile to your face as if you were opening a surprise present!

Try sending one person a personal letter this week and brighten their day.  Give them some good news.  Let us know how it goes and bring a smile to our face!


Peace and Love,


Good World News

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