“Daddy's girl”: Ex-wrestler devotes his life to caring for disabled daughter

It’s a long journey from a fun-loving pro-wrestler to a stay-at-home dad caring for a child who can’t talk or walk and depends on him around the clock.  Watching over his softly silent 7-year-old daughter, Steven Sharp calls her birth in 2006 both the greatest and the worst day of his life.

Brain damaged since arriving into the world, Samantha Grace Sharp was given two years to live, but that grim life sentence has come and gone -- and she is hanging on.  With his wife’s job providing health insurance, Steven has taken on the role of stay-at-home dad and nurse. He changes his daughter’s diapers, administers her medicine, feeds her and gives her stretches. 

Samantha can’t walk or talk – though she has some movement in her arms and legs – and is dependent on her parents’ care 24 hours a day. She’s basically an infant in the body of a 7 year-old, her mom noted.  Carlene, Steven’s wife, calls her husband's care amazing.  “It is truly a blessing that I have him because I don’t know many men… who would have hung around,” she said, adding she sees a strong bond between father and daughter. “Sam will always be daddy’s girl. Always and forever.”
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Son finds father on Facebook after 29 years

Father's day was extra special this year for Terrell Starr.  Terrell grew up under his grandmother's wing not knowing his father.  Chris Truesdale, Terrell's father, spent 29 years not knowing that he had a son!

This all changed in 2009 when Terrell started searching Facebook for "Chris Truesdale" in order to find his father.  “I thought that I was going to live the remaining years of my life without knowing who my father was.”, Terrell stated.

Facebook conversation with Terrell and his father Chris - Image Credit: Terrell Starr

Luckily for both of them, Chris purchased a computer just two weeks earlier!  When he saw the message from Terrell, he immediately knew.  “When I saw the picture…oh yeah,’’ Truesdale said. “We don’t have to go to Maury (Povich).”

Terrell's mother found out that she was pregnant after Chris left his military base and unfortunately she was never able to find him.

“I'm not a guy that has children and don't take care of them,’’ Truesdale said. “Shoot, I mean, had I known he was my child, he'd have been right there.”

The two have been reunited and have gotten real close.  So close that Terrell moved in with his father at 31 years old when he couldn't find a job!

“It's cool,’’ Terrell said. “I love him... he came at the perfect time in my life.”

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Daughter gives life to her mother

This past Mothers Day like always was a special day to recognize and thank our mothers for all they have done for us. 

Kelly Sia, daughter to Mindy Lam took this day to celebrate giving life to her mother who gave life to her.  19-year-old Kelly donated a kidney to her mother Mindy who three years ago was diagnosed with hypertensive nephropathy, which almost took her life.  When the family found out of their mom's condition, Kelly was only 16 and the minimum age to be a living donor is 18. 

Mindy went through many treatments over the last couple years, and when Kelly finally turned 18, she never hesitated to give her mother a kidney.  On this past Valentine's Day, the two women went into successful surgery, and now have matching scars which they consider to be a badge of honor. Kelly says "Its more precious than a tattoo and symbolizes the rebirth of my mom". 

What an amazing gift, and an amazing story.  Good luck to you both.


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