Father makes prom dress for daughter

David Herron and his daugher Mariah David Herron and his daugher Mariah - Image Credit: Casey Lake, Associated Press
David Herron, a former military man created a one in a kind prom dress for his 17-year-old daughter.  Like any high school girl, Mariah wanted the perfect dress.  Only problem was that she just couldn't find what she was looking for. 
"My daughter loves to hunt and fish and be outdoors and she really wanted a camo prom dress," said Herron. "We looked online and everything was so expensive. So I suggested that we go to a fabric store to look at patterns. At that point, I wasn't thinking that I would sew the dress; I just figured that we knew a few people who could if we asked them to." 
Herron's only experience with sewing was when he sewed his stripes to his own uniform.  David ended up buying the material, studied hours on how to sew, and turned his family living room into a sewing shop! 
The end result was amazing.  Check it out :-)
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