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91 year old breaks weightlifting world record

Sy Perlis broke the bench press world record for individuals ages 90 and above.  At 91 years old, he lifted 187.2 pounds shattering the previous record of 135 pounds!  He broke the record at National Push-Pull Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships in Phoenix on June 8th.

He only started lifting in his 60's and now works out 5 days a week.

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Who says gardening aint gangsta?!

"Food is the Problem, and food is the solution" says Ron Finley, a local man that lives in South Central Los Angeles.  He says in his city, more people are dying from the "drive thru's" then the "drive bye's".  Ron wanted to solve a problem that he saw in his area. 
He used to have to drive 45 minutes round trip just to get an apple that didn't have pesticides in it.  In the parkway in front of his house, he built a garden in it.  Its the city's property, but they said he has to take care of it.  So why not plant a garden there!? 
Ron Finley and his group the "L.A. Green Grounds" who are a "pay it forward" group comprised of local farmers/planters created the garden for him.  His group goes around planting gardens in vacant lots and different places around South Central LA. 
People ask him all the time "Aren't you afraid that people will steal your plants"?  "Hell no I'm not afraid!...That's why its on the street!...that's the whole idea...I want them to take it, and at the same time I want them to take back their health". 
Ron Finley's plans aren't only to build blocks of gardens around town, but he wants to turn shipping containers into healthy cafe's around the area.  He has trained local kids to learn the trait of gardening.  Wants them to turn to something like this to get their minds off the street life and to learn a life skill that could take them somewhere.  He wants kids to feel the joy, pride, and honor in growing your own food. 
According to Ron, if you want to meet with him to discuss things, then there's only one place to meet him....bring your shovel to his garden :-)  Personally I love his ideas, and love his vision.  Do yourself a favor and watch this video.
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British astronaut will tweet from space to inspire youth

Major Tim Peake (what a fitting name!), Britain's first astronaut, said he will tweet from space when he goes in 2015.

"I certainly will be tweeting from space, a large part of what I want to achieve on this mission is to try to inspire a generation and encourage them to continue to support space flight and microgravity research.", Peake says.

He'll have to be brief though since his messages will need to be limited to twitter's 140 characters :)

He also says that he plays the guitar, but will spare everyone from hearing it :)

"I do play the guitar – very badly", Peake jokes, "and I wouldn't inflict my singing on anyone."

We are looking forward to hearing Good News from outer space in 2015!

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