Man builds pirate ship for his wife for their wedding

Have you ever suggested something to your significant other that was just so out of the world they couldn’t possible take you seriously!?  Well Tony Miller would always tell his Fiancee, Kaela Schenk that he dreamed of docking a pirate ship in his front yard! Then he came up with the brilliant idea that they could get married on a pirate ship in their yard! 


Tony began building his pirate ship with his fiancée’s help in hopes of having it done for their August 3rd wedding.  "It's something I've always wanted to build," Miller, 35, said. "Something really unique and big and I could tinker around with for a while. Something that would make an atmosphere to come home to that feels you're coming home to a vacation." 


It took just 3 months for Tony to build the majority of the ship with basically just the ship mast left to put on.  Thank you Tony for making all of us other men look so inferior when it comes to impressing a woman J


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Couple gets dream wedding donation

Brian Gargano and Jennifer Batugo are two love birds who wanted nothing more than to show their love and commitment through marriage.

Unfortunately, in March, when they began planning their August wedding, Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer.  The doctors told her that she may only have a few months to live.

Instead of calling it quits and giving up, the happy couple decided they would move their wedding to April (one month away!) and have a beautiful intimate ceremony…but how could they pull it off in a month?

Brian called L.A. Wedding officiant Elysia Skye for help.  Unbeknownst to Brian, she was a breast cancer survivor herself who runs a breast cancer support organization.  She was so moved by the couple's story, that she decided to throw them their dream wedding.

Skye started a fundraiser which received $18,000 in donations for the couple and she contacted numerous organizations which collectively donated everything they needed for a gorgeous Japanese garden theme wedding!  The entire wedding and planning was pulled off in only 10 days!

Brian and Jennifer had a Japanese garden themed wedding - Image Credit COCO Gallery

"There are so many bad things happening today, it's good to know there are good people out there, willing to help complete strangers," Brian Gargano said.

Congrats Brian and Jennifer!

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Bride's good deed is rewarded with free wedding

Megan Erickson and Jarrod Vancannon had their Iowa wedding all planned.  Megan made her $100 deposit on her $1035 dress and they were ready to wed!  Unfortunately, Jarrod got injured at work and suddenly they could not pay for their dream wedding. 

Megan went back to Pure Bridal and told them her story.  She said that she wanted to do a good deed and give her $100 deposit to the next bride that shows up.

“I could’ve gotten the money back, but I didn’t want to,” Megan, 24, said. “I just kind of did it on a whim.”

Kayse Carter, the Pure Bridal co-owner stated, “We were completely floored, because we knew how much that $100 meant to her.”

Pure Bridal decided to make it up to her.  They devised a plan to donate the dress to Megan AND gather wedding vendors to see if any could donate things to their wedding.  The gift started rolling in - free wedding rings, DJ, reception venue, honeymoon trip to Vegas, photographer, flowers, cake, and more!  Megan and Jarrod were given a completely free wedding!

Pure Bridal delivered the good news to Megan as a surprise!  The couple was simply floored :)

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