Billy Joel invites fan on stage to perform with him

OK, I'm speechless after seeing this video.  Just imagine getting the opportunity to perform on stage with your role model and inspiration!  It was a dream come true for Michael Pollack, a student at Vanderbilt University.

Billy Joel hosted a Q&A session after his concert at the university.  Michael happened to be one of the lucky people to ask a question.  His question?  "I was wondering if I could play with you…I would accompany you that is...", Michael asked with a shy voice.

Billy Joel's answer, a simple "ok", to a screaming crowd.

Their performance of "New York State of Mind" is absolutely magical.

"I love when that happens, that's nice.  Good luck to you Michael, I think you're going to do fine", Billy Joel stated after the performance.

And that's what's good,


Coach Surprises Walk-On Football Player with Full Scholarship

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Calling all "Rudy" fans. This one's for you. Marc Panu is a fourth-year walk-on on Vanderbilt University's football team. During the preseason camp, head coach James Franklin was showing the team a film of their plays when all of a sudden, to Panu's surprise, the attention turned to him. Franklin started pointing out Panu's skills and then segued into an announcement that he was awarding Panu a full scholarship. His teammates gave the emotional student a standing ovation.
Video of the surprise scholarship is warming the hearts of people on the Web. Since Vanderbilt's athletic department posted it on YouTube on Friday, the video has gained more than 210,000 views. One viewer wrote, "This is what athletics and working hard is all about."



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