Burglarized game shop receives incredible support

Brenda and John Romero grew up in Ogensburg, NY which is a town of about 10,000 on the St Lawrence River.  Both of them make video games, and have worked on such titles as Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake.  A Local game shop in Ogdensburg called "I Got Game" had only been open a month when it was burglarized and wiped out completely. 


Brenda and John wanted to do whatever they could do to get the shop back on their feet.  Brenda made a plea on her Facebook page which read “Game Devs-HELP? Donate a signed copy of your game?.  She also posted a picture of the burglarized shop.  Epic Games, which is a powerhouse in the gaming world saw the post and reached out to donate games to the store, as well as others the Romeros knew offered to donate as well. 


The store said on their Facebook page “We would really like to thank everyone for being so kind and generous”. “We appreciate all the cash, items and time that have been donated to the shop in the past town days.  When this incident happened we really had no idea how we were going to be able to stay open but with everyone’s support it looks like we will be okay.”



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Two NFL cheerleaders shave heads and raise money in support of coach with leukemia

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The Indianapolis Colt's head coach Chuck Pagano is feeling the love and support from the cheerleaders. Pagano, is currently going under chemotherapy treatments for leukemia and has lost his hair.

He has support from the sidelines! The Colt's mascot, Blue, challenged all cheerleaders asking if any would shave their heads if he raised $10,000 for leukemia research. Cheerleaders, Megan and Crystal Ann took him up on the challenge. $22,670.50 came in from online donations and buzzzzzz, their hair came off! :)

"I've just had personal experiences with people who have had cancer," Megan said to WISH-TV. "I've had mentors and family members and volunteer at Riley and met little girls who have lost their hair and beat cancer multiple times. Just seeing struggles they went through and how they could overcome that and still have confidence and fight this fight without their hair — they are really my inspiration for doing this."

Coach Pagano received a standing ovation at their last game and mouthed an appreciative “thank you” to the cheering crowd.


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