Woman retires after 44 years without taking a single sick day

Can you imaging working at one employer your entire life and NEVER taking a sick day?!  44 years?!

Meet Deborah Ford, a U.S. Postal Service employee in Detroit who has delivered mail for 44 years straight.  She has such genuine dedication to her work. 

When asked if she has ever been sick, she says "Well little minor illnesses, but you shake it off.  You'll feel better when you get there."

"Didn't you want to go to your mailbox and get a letter?", she continued, "When you go to that mailbox to get a letter, I want to make sure you get one."

Well said Deborah!  She will retire with 4,508 hours in sick leave which will give her a 5% increase in pension.

We at Good World News wish you a wonderful retirement Deborah.

And that's what's good,
The Good World News


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered - Handwrite a letter to someone

When was the last time that you received an actual handwritten letter in the mail?  If you are like most people, then it probably has been a while.  Nowadays it is so easy to get in contact with people by email, telephone, text, twitter, facebook (eek!), that many choose not to spend the time to sit down and hand write a beautiful letter.

Now think back to the last handwritten letter that you received in the mail.  It was a great feeling, right?!  It probably brought an incredible smile to your face as if you were opening a surprise present!

Try sending one person a personal letter this week and brighten their day.  Give them some good news.  Let us know how it goes and bring a smile to our face!


Peace and Love,


Good World News

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