123 year old man tells his secrets of longevity

123-year-old Carmelo Flores, a Bolivian indigenous farmer, attributes his longevity to quinoa grains, riverside mushrooms and around-the-clock chewing of coca leaves.   He lives in Frasquia, a 4,000-meter high hamlet, and takes daily walks in shoes made of recycled tires, but spends most of his time laying on a blanket outside his straw-roofed hut, watching village life go by.  There are plans to award him the title of "Living Heritage of Humanity" on August 26.



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Paraguayan community creates musical instruments out of trash

Now this is an amazing story!!  Favio Chavez, an ecological technician has discovered a brilliant use of the trash in a small impoverished community.  The town is Cateura, Paraguay and it is a village built on a landfill. 

Many families in the community recycle trash and sell it to make a living.  Favio once found a violin in the trash and decided that he could build many instruments out of recycled trash and teach the kids how to play.  He has made cellos, flutes, and violins out of old wood, oil drums, and metal.

"People realize we shouldn't throw away trash carelessly…well we shouldn't throw away people either." Favio states.

Favio's idea picked up and now the kids are learning the instruments…and they sound amazing!!  They are the stars in a new documentary titled:
Landfill Harmonic, "a film about people transforming trash into music; about love, courage and creativity."

Watch the trailer - it is incredibly heartwarming :)

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Jetman soars over Rio, flies circles around historical landmarks

Why would you want to leap out of a perfectly good aircraft? To fly a winged jetpack over the city of Rio de Janeiro, of course. It sounds nuts, but it's just a day in the life for Yves Rossy, the self proclaimed "Jetman" who flew over the Grand Canyon last year. Since soaring over the Rio Grande, Rossy has pitted his carbon-fiber wings against a rally car on Top Gear, taken to the skies over Abu Dhabi and, most recently, buzzed Brazil's famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Jetman rocketed past the monument on an 11 minute flight earlier this week, beginning his journey by dropping out of a helicopter over Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Rossy pulled his Rocketeer trick and eventually parachuted to safety on Copacabana beach. Sound fun? Head past the break to see the man in action. Us? We'll keep our feet planted on terra firma, thanks.


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View original good news story at engadget.com:


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