British and Trinidad artists team up to spur interest in steel band music

British artist Jeremy Deller teamed up with Michelle Huggins-Watts, Trinidad's “First Lady” of the steel pan, on a project to bring more young people into steel band music.  Their collaboration combined their very different skills to create a brand new, one-off performance and music event in Trinidad.

Jeremy Deller, speaking before the collaboration said: “For a long time I’ve been interested in steel bands. Trinidad is the home of steel bands so it makes sense to go to that place and see what you can come up with.”  Jeremy is a celebrated conceptual, video and installation artist, a hugely influential figure on the international contemporary art scene.

Michelle Huggins-Watts, speaking about the song they planned to use in the collaboration said: “It’s really different, not something you’d readily hear on the pan – I’m really looking forward to working on this piece!”  Michelle is the band leader and musical arranger of a champion Trinidadian steel pan band, she has toured the world, and is a music teacher at Trinity College where she runs a junior pan band.



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Chicago Bulls build a playground

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Chicago Bulls players and more than 200 volunteers got together in Chicago Heights on Saturday, August 24, to build a new playground, a playground designed by the children who will use it.

Children need a place to play every day in order to be active and healthy, but today’s kids spend less time playing outside than any previous generation in part because only 1-in-5 children live within walking distance of a park or playground. This play deficit is having profound consequences for kids physically, socially and cognitively.  This new playground will provide more than 500 children in the community with a safe place to play.

The Chicago Bulls have made a commitment to work with community concerns and find ways to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need, organizing events that support core values of youth education, health and wellness, and violence prevention.



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Four college football players show it pays to be honest

When four football players from William Paterson University entered Buddy’s Small Lots general store, they did not know that it was closed.  The door was not locked and the lights were on. 

They were in search of sunglasses and batteries, but soon realized that no one was in the store.  What they did next surprised everyone.  The four college students found their items, then put their cash, including tax, on the counter.  Then they waved to the cameras and walked out!

When Marci Lederman, the store manager, came in, she was amazed at their honesty.  So amazed, that she found out who the honest individuals were and gave them each $50 store credit!

“They could have ransacked the store. They could have really done anything,” Marci Lederman said. “They were perfect gentlemen.”

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