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Some of my best memories growing up were biking with my brother and friends in the neighborhood.  Not only is biking a fun activity that brings individuals together, but it is also a great form of exercise and a means of transportation.

Second Life Bikes is an organization in Rochester, NY founded in 1995, that dedicates its efforts to supplying inner-city kids with free bikes.  They accept bike donations, repair them if needed, and give them out!  They'll accept bikes in any condition, as sometimes they are used for parts.  Second Life Bikes is making a real positive impact on the Rochester community.

The Good World News team is looking forward to hearing more great things from Second Life Bikes!

For more information, check out their Facebook site and their Roc Wiki page.


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The quarterback for the University of Memphis Jacob Karam has showcased talents on the field, and has also taken time out of football to do some more important things in the local community.  On a recent volunteer trip to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, Jacob was helping kids with a scavenger hunt when he saw a piano and decided to do a small show for the kids. 


A brave eleven-year-old, Breanna Bercegeay is currently at the hospital fighting AML Leukemia, but that didn’t slow her down from belting out her amazing voice alongside of the quarterback.   The duo performed 10 songs together including Jessie J’s “Price tag”.  Here’s a beautiful video of the two together!




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It’s always interesting to see what professional athletes do with their lives after their careers have ended.  What happened to those players that had so much potential coming out of high school or college, but just didn’t pan out in the pros. 


Jonathan Bender had franchise player written all over him coming out of high school when he was drafted 5th overall in the 1999 NBA draft.  Like many athletes though, injuries derailed him from living up to his potential as an NBA player. 


Bender’s knees failed him as a player, but ever since he retired he has been making strides with a device meant to strengthen the knees.  He wanted to make a device that acted as an external hamstring which could exercise the hips, and quad without putting pressure on the knees.  When Bender would rehab his knees, he would often ask the trainers and Doctors on the staff many questions.  


“I watched and learned from what they did and what they said about things like injuries and muscle structure,” Bender said. “I soaked it all in.” 


Using the device he created, Bender strengthened his legs, and actually got another shot at the NBA!  He was picked up by the NY Knicks in 2010 and Knicks Doctors said at the time Bender had the strongest lower extremities on the team.  Jonathan Bender’s device is called the JB Intensive Trainer.  You can check out the device at

The JB Intensive Trainer in action! - Image Credit:



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