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Tree-houses bring out the kid in everyone.  One company, "Invisible Works", has revealed plans to build beautiful semi-transparent tree-house structures in a London park.  They hope that these structures will encourage people to spend more time outside.

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"There used to be 84 countries in the Olympic Games, now there are 204. Performance levels have become so much higher that it is so hard now to get a medal. I thought, it's time this increase in the competitiveness and the standards was taken account of."

And with that, David Mitchell from Derbyshire, England decided that the Olympics needed fourth place medals. And he was the guy who was going to make it happen.

So Mitchell went to a local trophy store and spent his own money to have some custom hardware made for the most disappointed of all Olympians. On one side would be the athlete's name and event and on the other, "In Recognition of your 4th Place Olympic Games 2012." The first recipients? British divers Peter Waterfield and Tom Daley.

The pair was well on its way to a medal (and possibly even the gold) when they botched their fourth dive. In the end that mistake was enough to knock the duo just off the podium. In a tweet following the match, Daley summed up his feelings:

Source: @TomDaley1994

Well now, thanks to Mitchell, Daley and his partner will have something to show for their performance, which though disappointing, left them as the fourth best synchronized divers in the world. And after all, being the fourth best anything in the world is something worth celebrating.

But before you cry homerism, Mitchell's not limiting his operation to athletes from the UK. He's said he plans to send medals to select fourth place finishers from around the world. His only worry?

"I hope they don't find it insulting, because it's meant seriously and supportively."

Good Guy Of The Olympics: David Mitchell

Good Guy Of The Olympics: David Mitchell

Moore, Jack. "British Man Sends 4th Place Medals To Athletes Who Came Close" Buzzfeed. 21 August 2012. Web.

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OK now this video is awesome.  Imagine crowding in a little mall photo booth with your friends and family taking silly photos when your favorite athlete walks in to to take pictures with you!! 

This is exactly what happened at a mall in London this past week.  60 fans in the Adidas photo booth were taking goofy photos when David Beckham made a surprise appearance and started taking pictures with them!

Haha you just have to smile when you see the look on their faces.

Check out this wonderful video:


Great photo:

Great times at the Olympic Games in London!!!


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The 2012 Summer Olympics have begun!

It's finally here - the largest sporting event in the world!  Each qualifying nation shows off their finest competitors in a world event to bring happiness and pride to their respective countries.  It is the highest honor for an athlete to represent their country in this event.

The Olympics is a wonderful time for nations to come together and show off their talent.  The Summer Olympics dates back to 1896 where the first event was held in Athens, Greece.  This year the games are being held in London, which is the first city to host the games three times.


For me personally, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Olympics is that theme song.  I know that all of you know what I'm talking about :).  That classic song with the horns by Leo Arnaud called Bugler's Dream:


The Summer Olympic Games also reminds me of the first "Dream Team" - The 1992 US men's Olympic basketball team which many consider the greatest team ever assembled.


Enjoy watching the games this year!


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David State had two beautiful and life-changing events on the same day.  He was one of the very few people to have the honor of carrying the Olympic torch through one leg of the 8,000 mile trek all around the U.K.  Many say that he had an even larger honor as he romantically proposed to Christine Langham, his girlfriend, during the torch carrying ceremony.

While bearing the torch, David handed the torch to a security guard while he dropped down on one knee and proposed.  Visibly ferklempt (choked with emotion), Christine joked "I nearly had my baby there and then!".  See the video below:  

The London Olympics will begin on July 27th!


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