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Rapper Nasir Jones aka Nas was visiting Washington D.C when he heard a news story about a man who had lost his home. 


Stanley Young raises his 8 kids under one roof, who lost their mother just one year ago.  Their current house caught fire after the store that he lived above caught fire.  To make matters worse, Stanley had just lost his job and the family is currently living out of a local Holiday inn. 


Nas and his manager opened a fundraising campaign with a goal to raise $50,000 to help Stanley and his family get back on their feet.  Nas’ manager Anthony Saleh sent out a message reading:


Our original plan was to help Stanley purchase a few necessities, but we were inspired to take this another step further. We want to involve our inner circle of family and friends and take Mr. Young’s plight to the public. We hope that we can all come together and open our hearts to this social cause. In these times where trial verdicts are creating an uproar & films about innocent men getting executed in the public by the police are released, we felt a community-driven fundraising event can shine some light on some of America’s dark moments.”


To date, Nas has helped raise $65,000 for the family.  If you would like to donate, visit

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On July 31st, burglars broke into the San Bernardio County Sexual Assault Services non-profit office.  They stole several desktop computers, monitors, and a laptop.  This can be devastating for any company to recover from, especially a non-profit.

Thankfully, the thieves had a heavy heart.  The very next day, the thieves returned all of the stolen goods. 

"All my stuff was in front of the door.  There was a shopping cart, and there were the PCs that were taken, there was the laptop - everything was there.", said Candy Stallings, the nonprofit's executive director.

When the police opened the laptop, they found a note inside which read, "We had no idea what we were takeing. Here your stuff back we hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in peoples live. God bless," said the note with many misspellings.

"This is the first time in my career I have seen the return of stolen items," said San Bernardino Police Lt. Paul Williams.

Stallings made a copy of the note and plans to frame it!

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Imagine hearing a child recite their ABC’s at just 4 months old, and also count in Spanish and English by 1 ½! 

4-year-old Anala Beevers never leaves her home without her map of America, which she can also recite every State and State Capital.  She was invited to join MENSA which is an international organization for people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. 

Her parents understand they have a little Einstein on their hands and say that “she’s a handful, and she needs a reality show”!  

Nala aspires to be a nurse when she grows up, but I have a hunch that we will be hearing of a lot more remarkable things out of her before then.  Keep up the good work Nala!


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