Good World News

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When four football players from William Paterson University entered Buddy’s Small Lots general store, they did not know that it was closed.  The door was not locked and the lights were on. 

They were in search of sunglasses and batteries, but soon realized that no one was in the store.  What they did next surprised everyone.  The four college students found their items, then put their cash, including tax, on the counter.  Then they waved to the cameras and walked out!

When Marci Lederman, the store manager, came in, she was amazed at their honesty.  So amazed, that she found out who the honest individuals were and gave them each $50 store credit!

“They could have ransacked the store. They could have really done anything,” Marci Lederman said. “They were perfect gentlemen.”

And that's what's good,



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The Good World News


It was just another day in a quiet Los Angeles suburb when a horrifying discovery was made.  One of the neighbors had just lost her house. The interior was absolutely destroyed and smelled of filth and decay. Among the wreckage were 40 dogs, sick, unkempt, and fearful.  One of those unfortunate puppies is Groby Pedroni, born without front legs.  He is a pretty special dog, very good with children, and since being rescued, Groby has been outfitted with his own set of wheels!