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(China Grove, NC) - Ashley England was was having a rough dinner at Stag-N-Doe pizza with her 8 year old son.  Her son, Riley has epilepsy and is nonverbal.  He gets frustrated when he cannot speak and decided to throw a tantrum.

One stranger turned the England family's day completely around.  This stranger paid for their meal and attached a heartwarming note which read, "God only gives special children to special people."

Ashley was incredibly grateful. "To have someone do that small act towards us shows that some people absolutely understand what we are going through and how hard it is to face the public sometimes," she said. "They made me cry, blessed me more than they know. I felt like out of all the rude negative comments that we are faced with, these outweighs them. The people who care. Little did he know what struggles we had been facing lately, and this was surely needed at that moment."

Ashely posted her gratitude on Facebook: "Dear stranger, thank you for giving me a blessing tonight in a way you will never know."


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What do most people do with all of their retirement and pension money?  I think you have a pretty good idea, but Estella Pyfrom did something different.  She took $900,000 from her retirement funds and put it into "The Brilliant Bus".

This mobile learning center that she tags "The Brilliant Bus" drives around Palm Beach Country providing a safe place for students to get connected to technology.

“Most of them have the computers at school, but then once they leave school it's not available to them.", Estella says.

For the last four years she's been driving the bus around and helping kids with their homework.  This past Monday, her story appeared on NBC Nightly News and since then, she has received a flood of support.  In the past few days, individuals have donated computers, money, and given her many calls and texts of appreciation.  Schools are also contacting her to find out how they can make their own "Brilliant Bus" in their district.

You can help Estella's organization through their website:

Thank you so much Estella for all of the positive work that you are doing for the world!  Keep it up!

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Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man in Kansas City, was asking for money when Sarah Darling came by.  Sarah, opened her wallet and dumped all of her change in his cup…along with her expensive diamond engagement ring.

"My rings were bothering me, so I put them in my coin purse." Sarah stated.

Sarah didn't notice what she did until the next day.  Billy Ray didn't see the ring until an hour after she left and by then it was too late.

"The ring was so big that I knew if it was real, it was expensive.", Billy Ray said.

Sarah rushed to see Billy Ray the next day.  Billy remembers how the interaction went down - "She squatted down like you did like right there and says, ‘Do you remember me?' And I was like, ‘I don't know. I see a lot of faces.' She says, ‘I might have gave you something very valuable.' I said, ‘Was it a ring?' And she says, ‘Yeah.' And I said, ‘Well, I have it.'"

Billy Ray wasn't the type to take advantage of someone.   He knows how sentimental the item must have been. 

"My grandfather was a reverend. He raised me from the time I was 6 months old and thank the good Lord, it's a blessing, but I do still have some character," he said.

Sarah rewarded Billy by giving him all the cash she had in his wallet :)

The best was yet to come.  Since his story appeared on the news, Billy has been receiving support from all over the U.S.  He has been a little shy about the attention, but was so happy when he received this reward - His long lost sister saw him on the news and reached out to him.  They didn't even know the other was alive!

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Waiter stands up for kid with Down syndrome

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

It really makes an impact when someone stands up for what's right.  This is precisely what a waiter did recently at Laurenzo's Prime Rib in Houston.

Kim Castillo, a regular at the restaurant, was dining in with her 5 year old son, Milo, who has Down syndrome.  Milo was excitedly telling several waiters about his birthday.  A family sitting nearby (they are also regulars at the restaurant), asked if they could move away from Milo's table.  One individuals said a degrading comment out loud about Milo's disability as they moved.

Michael Garcia, the waiter helping move the family, immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at the customer.

“My personal feelings took over, and I told him, ‘I’m not going to be able to serve you, Sir.” Garcia stated.

As the customer walked out with his group, Garcia further said “‘How could you say that about a beautiful 5-year-old angel?’”. 

Although Kim did not hear Garcia standing up for her son, she highly praised him when she found out.  Soon thereafter, the story started spreading on the restaurant's Facebook page.  Garcia is now being hailed as a hero!

“It’s just impressive to see the outpouring of love and support. People to stand up for other people who can’t stand up for themselves and that it's worth taking the risk.” Kim said.

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A random act of kindness went on for hours at a Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

It was a few days before Christmas and one happy customer decided to pay for the person behind them in the drive-through.  This became contagious!  The next person paid for the next, and so on and so on.  Then customers inside the shop started catching on and they started paying for the customer behind them.  This went on for three hours!!

“[The staff members]were calling out the numbers, ‘We’re at 162,’ and they made a really big deal of it,” the manager, Troy Thompson stated. “I think that’s what helped keep it going because nobody wanted to be the one who broke that streak.”

How awesome is that?!!  Way to pay it forward!


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What do 40,000 marathon runners do when their race is cancelled? This was the question that many were asking when the long anticipated NYC marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane left millions without power and heat during a time of year when the temperature has started dropping.

The race is a big deal for New York City. It brings in $340 million for the city and raises $24 million for charity. The mayor decided to cancel the race to allow the city to concentrate on relief efforts for those affected by the storm. Hundreds of police officers and firefighters which would have been working on closing streets for the marathon can now help the victims.

The runners made the best of the cancellation. Some decided to still run an alternate route. They organized a Facebook page called “Run Anyway NY” to organize a 4 lap run around Central Park which equates to the 26.2 miles! Wow, Central Park is huge :). Other runners decided to volunteer on Staten Island helping victims and cleaning up debris.

Meb Keflezighi, the 2009 marathon champion, stated: "I want to work with somebody. I don't mind going to Staten Island (which was greatly affected by the storm.) If I cannot run, I want to be positive. Or go to Central Park and let the runners know it's OK. I don't know. It's my first Sunday off in many years. How can I help?"

All of the runners really made a positive impact. The people of NYC and the world will not forget this selfless act. This is without a doubt some GREAT news!


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Who's the man? Howard Cooper is the man, the myth and the legend.  Why?  Read on :)

Howard Cooper, the owner of Howard Cooper Auto Import Center in Ann Arbor, decided to give his employees a special token of appreciation before he retired.  Cooper, who is now 83 years old, ran his successful auto dealership for 47 years.  In order to give his employees thanks for incredible service, Cooper gave all 89 of his employees $1000 per every year that they were employed!!!!!

On, employee Sandy Reagan said, “The lady behind me had tears running down her face. I sat next to a person who drives the parts van and he’s been here almost 28 years. He doesn’t make a ton of money, but he got almost $28,000.  I watched his face and he just said, 'Oh my God,'"  Reagan, who was been with the company for 46 long years, received $46,000!

His employees gave him a standing ovation when he distributed the checks.  Bob Jenkins, who after 26 years of service received $26,000 responded, "I was shocked.  You don't expect something like that.  The whole place was just in shock."

The man, the myth, the legend, Howard Cooper!


Howard Cooper sold the business to Germain Motor Co., an Ohio-based company.  His employees sure will miss him!  Cooper stated, “I wanted to thank my employees and that was a way I could do it.  I hope it makes a difference in their lives like they have made in mine."

Cooper definitely knows how to pay it forward.  He has changed the lives of all of his employees.  Way to go Cooper!  Enjoy your retirement!!

Peace & Love,


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What would most eight year old kids do with $1000? Probably buy a lifetime supply of marshmallows or a bunch of video games.  Not Wyatt Erber, of Edwardsville, Ill.  He donated it to a young girl in the neighborhood diagnosed with leukemia!  This young man knows how to pay it forward!

How did this cool kid win $1000?  There was a summer-long scavenger hunt in their neighborhood that offered $1000 to the winner.  When Wyatt heard about the scavenger hunt, he told his mom - ‘Let’s do this to help Cara!’”.  His mother, Noelle Erber, said in an interview with : “I remember thinking, ‘Who am I to tell him that he might not win?’”.

Oh, but he did win and immediately called Cara's parents to give them the money.  Cara's parents were surprised and astonished from the complete selfless act from Wyatt.  They stated that they could not receive the money from the child, but he insisted.

Wyatt asked his parents: “How much chemotherapy will this buy Cara?”.  His parents are incredibly proud to have raised such a goodhearted son.  Cara's parents are forever grateful to Wyatt and his family.

What a beautiful story!  This is not just good news, this is GREAT news :)


Peace and Love,


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Teacher Gives Parent Kidney

A Texas kindergarten teacher has given a life-saving gift to one of her student's parents.

Marie Bell donated one of her kidneys to a the father of one of her students.

"People have said things to me like, 'You're a hero. You're an angel. This is extraordinary.' And to me, it's not. I'm ordinary," she said.

5-year-old Sean Smith was late for school one day because his father was waiting for a kidney transplant.

The boy's older brother told Bell the boy was late because their father had been called to the hospital to get a new kidney, but the kidney was diseased.

"That's when my brain began to turn," she said.

"I wanted Marshall to have a second chance and to see his little boy grow up," Bell said.

Marshall Smith is now recovering from the kidney transplant.

"The whole time, she was bubbling over," he said. "It was like a joy that God had given her and a peace to do this."

Smith is now able to spend more time with his eight children and look back on days spent sick.

"It was pretty horrible," he said. "I had to go to dialysis three times a week."

Smith said a day does not go by without thinking of his child's teacher, who forever changed their lives.

"She is loved in this family," he said.



Story, Sara.  "Teacher Gives Parent Kidney". KSEE24 News. 4 June 2012. Web.  

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This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the Defcon hacking convention in Las Vegas.  Each year, the convention brings together people from around the world to discuss security and innovation.

Although the term "hacker" generally has a negative connotation to the general public, the actual meaning is something very positive.  The true definition of hacker is someone that develops true mastery of a product and uses or modifies it in innovative ways.  As HowStuffWorks states:

"Hackers were visionaries who could see new ways to use computers, creating programs that no one else could conceive. They were the pioneers of the computer industry, building everything from small applications to operating systems. In this sense, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were all hackers -- they saw the potential of what computers could do and created ways to achieve that potential."

In this sense, hacking is a very good thing.  It helps push technology to the next level.  Hackers are the reason that we have laptops, phones, and electricity.  It's because people constantly try new and innovative ways of using the world around us.  There are only a select few who give an entire community a bad rap.  Let's focus on the majority that use technology for good.  As they say "With great power comes great responsibility" :)

Even if you cannot make it to Vegas this year to celebrate innovation and learn about security at Defcon, try to think about hacking in a positive light.  Who knows, maybe you have a little hacker deep inside of you and one day will bring the new big idea that will change the world!


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