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David Herron, a former military man created a one in a kind prom dress for his 17-year-old daughter.  Like any high school girl, Mariah wanted the perfect dress.  Only problem was that she just couldn't find what she was looking for. 
"My daughter loves to hunt and fish and be outdoors and she really wanted a camo prom dress," said Herron. "We looked online and everything was so expensive. So I suggested that we go to a fabric store to look at patterns. At that point, I wasn't thinking that I would sew the dress; I just figured that we knew a few people who could if we asked them to." 
Herron's only experience with sewing was when he sewed his stripes to his own uniform.  David ended up buying the material, studied hours on how to sew, and turned his family living room into a sewing shop! 
The end result was amazing.  Check it out :-)
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Have you ever felt that peaceful and calm sensation when there is a nice warm campfire or a collection of candles in a quiet house?  Well the Robbins family wanted to experience that feeling each night in their Orange County, California home!

Stacey Robbins explained - "The way people feel when they leave a camping experience is like, 'Ahhh.' It's like they're exhaling a little more deeply and they're sleeping better and they feel more refreshed. And I thought, 'How do I bring that into the conveniences of our home?'"

Stacey and her husband Rock decided that the entire family would turn off all electricity at sunset every night for a month.  No computers, no phones, no lights!  The Robbins family enjoyed it so much, they extended their one month trial to four! 

Their sons, Seth and Caleb, really enjoy playing piano and violin by the candles.  The Robbins have become closer and have noticed more positivity during their candlelit hours!  Plus it saves on electricity :)

And that's what's good,


Brian Gargano and Jennifer Batugo are two love birds who wanted nothing more than to show their love and commitment through marriage.

Unfortunately, in March, when they began planning their August wedding, Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer.  The doctors told her that she may only have a few months to live.

Instead of calling it quits and giving up, the happy couple decided they would move their wedding to April (on month away!) and have a beautiful intimate ceremony…but how could they pull it off in a month?

Brian called L.A. Wedding officiant Elysia Skye for help.  Unbeknownst to Brian, she was a breast cancer survivor herself who runs a breast cancer support organization.  She was so moved by the couple's story, that she decided to throw them their dream wedding.

Skye started a fundraiser which received $18,000 in donations for the couple and she contacted numerous organizations which collectively donated everything they needed for a gorgeous Japanese garden theme wedding!  The entire wedding and planning was pulled off in only 10 days!

Brian and Jennifer had a Japanese garden themed wedding - Image Credit COCO Gallery

"There are so many bad things happening today, it's good to know there are good people out there, willing to help complete strangers," Brian Gargano said.

Congrats Brian and Jennifer!

And that's what's good,

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