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Ms Joe, a regular customer at a local Indianapolis Steak ‘n Shake saw that her server, CeCe Bruce was struggling with money.  So what did Ms. Joe do? She provided a simple act of kindness. 


When Cece checked the tip that Miss Jo left on her bill, she thought there was some kind of mistake…A $5.97 bill, had a tip of $446 on it!  The tip came at a perfect time for Cece who said it would help her pay her bills.  Miss Jo does volunteer work in the community and likes to keep a low profile.  We need more kind civilians like Ms Joe in this world!


Have a nice day, and let the good news be yours,


Steve Barrett ran a stock race car for years until he wrecked it in April 2012.  In June of last year, he was ordered to deploy to Afghanistan for 10 months.  Steve promised himself that he would rebuild his favorite stock car which he knew would be a huge project when he came home. 

What Steve didn't know was that while he was gone, his family and friends were secretly rebuilding a new super stock race car for him!  When he returned last month from Afghanistan, his friends and family had a ceremony for him where they revealed their big secret. 



Enjoy your new Stock Car Steve!!


Have a great day, and let the good news be yours :-)

Harold and Frences Gates are both 69 years young and have accomplished a ton in their lives.  They are now retired with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Now after 51-years of marriage and a recent retirement, they are both ready for a new challenge...  College! 

After graduating high school in 1960, the Gates married not long after, and didn't have the opportunity to further their education.  Not only are they going to college, but they are currently 4.0 students at Lone Star College in Kingwood, Texas.  

We at GoodWorldNews wish the Gates well as they are expected to get their associates's degree next year :-)


Have a great day, and let the Good News be Yours!


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