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Family spends nights together by candlelight

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The Robbins family The Robbins family - Image Credit: ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

Have you ever felt that peaceful and calm sensation when there is a nice warm campfire or a collection of candles in a quiet house?  Well the Robbins family wanted to experience that feeling each night in their Orange County, California home!

Stacey Robbins explained - "The way people feel when they leave a camping experience is like, 'Ahhh.' It's like they're exhaling a little more deeply and they're sleeping better and they feel more refreshed. And I thought, 'How do I bring that into the conveniences of our home?'"

Stacey and her husband Rock decided that the entire family would turn off all electricity at sunset every night for a month.  No computers, no phones, no lights!  The Robbins family enjoyed it so much, they extended their one month trial to four! 

Their sons, Seth and Caleb, really enjoy playing piano and violin by the candles.  The Robbins have become closer and have noticed more positivity during their candlelit hours!  Plus it saves on electricity :)

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