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Lloyd Chen, 17, the valedictorian at Laguna Creek High School and recipient of a full ride to Harvard has overcome enormous obstacles to get to where he is today.

His family immigrated from South Korea to California when he was young.  Lloyd's father was never in the picture, and his mother wasn't able to work so he and his two sisters had to make it on very little.

That didn't stop him though.  Lloyd always took school seriously and studied hard.  His dedication earned him the valedictorian designation at their high school.  While applying to colleges, he did not want to tell his life story because he didn't want anyone to pity him.  His guidance counselor, Alycia Sato, encouraged him to describe his full story because “They need to know everything you’ve overcome.”, she said.

Lloyd applied to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Sanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and UC Davis…. and he was offered free rides to all of the schools!  That is nearly $3 million in scholarships.

He chose Harvard because “It’s where I felt like I could grow the most as an individual, and because, in Boston, there’s so much vitality.”

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Most of us could guess that meditation improves relaxation and lowers blood pressure, but to change DNA?!  Woaah, now that's wild!

"Researchers at Harvard found that meditating for just eight weeks dramatically alters gene expression, “turning off” hundreds of genes conducive to the onset of disease while “turning on” hundreds of genes conducive to health." (Journal of Scientific Exploration)

The study went on to say how meditation extends an individual's lifespan.  "...meditation seems to extend lifespan at the cellular level through the action of telomerase, an enzyme that repairs telomeres, the endings of chromosome that provide a biological marker of how long a person will live"

No wonder people have been doing this for thousands of years :)

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