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Elizabeth Hurley reveals her simple healthy skin secret

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Elizabeth Hurley, the model, actress, and superstar has revealed the secret to her perfect skin.....Drum roll.......SLEEP!  That's it?  Well that's the main ingredient. 

"Nothing is more important than sleep - after that, diet, fresh air and sun protection". Hurley stated to OK! Magazine. "I like spending time in the sun, but always wear a high SPF"

She does keep a healthy diet as well.  Hurley owns an 162 hectare organic farm in Gloucestershire. "I am very proud of my son, who is 10 and eats only organic meat and eggs from my farm," Hurley said.

So lots of sleep, eating well, and protecting the skin is her secret.  Elizabeth will help many by revealing these healthy habits.  Doing these tasks are not only good for the skin, but they benefit the entire body and your overall well-being. 

Thanks Elizabeth Hurley!


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